Why you should look after your hair


Long, luscious locks – damage-free and boasting that healthy glow; that’s what we all dream of. But as we age, and styling tools take their toll, the goal often becomes out of reach. From day one, there’s plenty of reasons why taking good care of your crowning glory is worth all the effort. But where do you even start?


Creating a glorious head of hair might leave a good first impression, and puts emphasis on the energy you put into your appearance. But it doesn’t come without its challenges.


One of the more important aspects of maintenance is that you avoid extensive damage that may lead to hair loss later in life. Simply washing on a regular basis is not enough; you’ll need to establish a solid long-term routine to really get the most out of your hair’s wellbeing. So, here are a few tips that will keep it all feeling great and avoid any of those negative impacts.


How to keep your hair healthy


Get the scissors out


The first step is to keep up regular trims, in order to remove dead ends effectively. Note that this method doesn’t actually promote hair growth; it’s just an old wives tale. Your locks will continue to grow at the same rate whether you cut it or not, but you’ll endure far less split ends and break-offs by frequently cutting it.


Most of us experience approximately 1.5cm of growth a month, depending on our genetic makeups, diet and even hormones. Opt for a chop every 6-8 weeks to keep the split ends at bay.


Choose a high-quality shampoo and conditioner


Using the proper shampoo for your hair type is also essential. If you have frizzy hair, find a duo that specifically combats this. If you are prone to hair loss, then using baby shampoo can help support your delicate locks, as it lacks the harsher chemicals present in adult variants.


Be gentle when styling


It’s important to carefully style your hair at all times, and that includes being gentle when brushing and combing. Failing to do so much mean more breakages and split ends – and less-than-luscious locks.


Maintain a healthy diet


A healthy diet can have a huge impact on the state of your hair. This includes all the nifty vitamins and minerals you may lack – such as iron.  A deficiency can contribute to hair loss and unhealthy locks, especially in women. Meanwhile, higher levels of stress can also play a role.


Go natural


Finally, nothing gives back to your hair more than opting for the natural approach. Forgoing the hairdryer and straightening iron where possible will assist with growth and condition. Additionally, Leaving out unnecessary chemicals – such as hairspray – will also help. If you do need to use styling tools, make sure you snatch up a high-quality heat protection spray to stop unnecessary damage.


What are your go-to tips for keeping your head of hair in tip-top shape?