Why You Shouldn’t Buy Cheap Hair Extensions


If you’ve ever searched for hair extensions, you may have noticed that there are countless brands to choose from, each one claiming to be the best in the business. In some cases, you might have decided to try out some cheaper variants as a “one-time” thing, only to find them turning your hair into a dead, tangled mess.

We’re going to give you all the reasons why you shouldn’t buy cheap hair extensions and what you need to consider when buying the right brand:


Why Cheap Hair Extensions Are a Bad Idea

Buying cheap hair extensions is practically sinful in the hair industry and here’s why:

  • Quite obviously, human hair is not used to extensions, and it shows. The hair may either appear to be too glossy and stand out, or it may be so dull and lifeless that it’ll make your hair look worse than when you started out.
  • Unlike pricier options that are double drawn, low-cost extensions are single drawn. This basically means that small hairs are visible and are not very thick, making your hair look flat. You’re also likely to need frequent trimming.
  • The quality of this hair cannot be compared to real human hair. Regardless of whether it is synthetic or animal hair (which on its own is a problem), it won’t look good.
  • Apart from looking unnatural and mismatched with your real hair, cheap extensions don’t last very long.


What to Consider When Buying Hair Extensions

When buying hair extensions, don’t just look at the price tag and the picture on the packaging. If you’re buying them, check the specifications. On the other hand, if you’re at a salon, speak to your hairstylist to ensure that your extensions fit the following criteria:

  • The hair extensions are double drawn to make your hair look thick and luscious
  • The appearance is natural
  • They last a long time without suffering damage
  • They can survive hair dying
  • They don’t get easily damaged if use hair styling products and equipment like hair straighteners, blow dryers and curling irons
  • They survive frequent hair washing.


Is Your Hair Ready for Extensions?

Sometimes, it’s not your extensions that are at fault. If your hair is too short or is breaking too much, then your hair simply won’t be able to handle the extensions. Make sure your hair is long enough and is in good shape if you opt for this.

Usually, it takes at least 100 grams of extensions to complete your look (although you may need more, depending on the length of your hair). An ideal way to find out if the extensions you’re choosing are cheap is to compare the price per gram. Ideally, look for the best quality extensions you can find for the perfect natural look that lasts for at least half a year or more if you’re going to a premium stylist.

Also, remember that extensions do need a little adjustment every two months or so, and need to be pushed back up your scalp since brushing and washing your hair can push them down. This will add to the overall cost, so keep that in mind when getting hair extensions. As a best-case scenario, you need to get a hairstylist who knows what they’re doing.